What is the number to Mid America Farm & Ranch?

The phone number to MAFR is (918) 275-8008.

Does Mid America Feeds deliver bag feed?

Yes and No. We have over 30 feed stores in OK, MO, and KS that we deliver bag feed to and permitting that our trucks are not too busy delivering feed to MAF's dealers, then we do on occasion deliver a few products to ranches. These trucks typically hold approximately 12 tons (pallets) or more and are usually hauling salt or mineral to customers purchasing truckload quantities. For other inquiries on deliveries please contact us.

Where can I purchase Bonanza Feeds?

Mid America Feeds supplies feed to over 30 stores in OK, KS, and MO.  Please check out our "Feed Dealers" tab on the left side of the screen for a list of stores. 

How many bulk tons can you deliver?

Our bulks trucks can carry anywhere from 15 to 24 tons of bulk feed.  Smaller loads can be arranged but are harder to schedule for delivery.  Contact us for more information.

How tall can your bulk trucks reach?

Our bulk trucks are able to reach up to approx. 25-30 feet high, depending on whether it is a bobtail or semi.