Land of The Flies

While we have a myriad of products at our Farm and Ranch Store to help you manage flies and other pests, we also have additive options for your bulk feed. 

We offer IGRs (Insect Growth Regulator) such as Altosid, ClariFly Larvicide, and Justifly. We also offer Garlic, which studies have shown help repel flies and ticks.  

IGR is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that passes through the animal and into the manure, where horn flies lay eggs. IGR is ingested with the cattle’s mineral or feed. As they graze, cattle disperse the IGR through their manure. The flies will lay eggs in fresh manure, which will then hatch into larvae, then molt into pupae, but before they can fully mature into adult flies, the IGR kills them dead. Thus, breaking the life cycle.  IGR’s will take about 4 weeks of continuous feeding to see results.



Garlic works through the bloodstream to repel ticks. Results can be seen in about 2 weeks of continuous feeding.


Why should you care about horn flies?

Well, according to an article by University of Nebraska: Economic losses associated with horn flies are estimated at more than $800 million annually in the United States. A population of several thousand horn flies is not uncommon. High fly populations can cause considerable animal irritation, blood loss, reduced grazing efficiency, reduced weight gains and a decline in milk production. Horn flies are inclined to infest larger animals (bulls, cows, steers, heifers) initially, but will infest calves late in the summer or when fly populations on cows increase significantly.


Give us a call today to find what solution will work best for you.  At our Farm and Ranch Store you can find lick tubs, blocks, loose minerals and salt mixes with IGRs. We also offer pour –on’s, repellant ear tags, dusters, and perimeter sprays. The most hands-off option would be our feed additive options. Prices will vary so call for accurate pricing.

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